Bamboo Flooring for Your Home

Bamboo flooring is an environmentally friendly option for beautiful flooring that is resistant to allergens, durable and bug-free. Bamboo is a renewable form of wood, because it is a grass not a tree and grows very fast. It also doesn’t deplete the soil as much as other woods. It is easy to clean and is more resistant to warping, water and staining than most hardwoods. Like hardwood floors, bamboo will show wear and scratches. If the floor is wet for long periods, it can warp and allow mold to grow. To avoid these drawbacks, the installation process needs to be planned to accommodate these issues. All stranded bamboo is made with pieces of bamboo that is leftover from other uses. The pieces are crushed and mixed with an adhesive bonding agent and pressed into blocks. The resulting wood is very dense and much more durable and harder than older generation bamboo. This process gives it more resistance to moisture and scratches. Bamboo blocks can be printed with color and grain to resemble un-pressed bamboo. Stained bamboo is softer than unstained, and this is how a dark color is achieved, but it is quite hard enough for areas that have less foot traffic and furniture. Direct sunlight will fade the bamboo, so for floors that will be exposed to more sunlight, a lighter shade is recommended. Bamboo floors are an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to have a beautiful natural wood floor that will last for years with the proper care.

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