Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope - Review

Got a budding scientist in your house? When I was a kid, I had one of those microscopes with a base, slides, and twenty knobs for focusing. It really frustrated me because it was so hard to get things into focus and I constantly broke those stupid slides. Not to mention how stuff squished out the sides of the slides, making a mess I had to clean up. Zoomy is a handheld digital microscope from Learning Resources that eliminates all that frustration and provides a fun, easy science experience for kids of all ages!
The egg-shaped microscope is easy to hold, whether you are three or forty-three. It plugs right into a computer USB port to provide a full-screen shot of whatever you want to place under Zoomy to explore in depth. It comes with a tiny disc formatted with the viewer that provides up to 43x magnification.
The lights are built-in to the bottom of Zoomy digital microscope and the button on top swirls for focusing or you can just move it around with your hand. The top button also allows you to take a picture that pops up on your computer so you can save the photo if you want. What a great way to get photos for a science fair project!
I placed a white piece of paper on my desk and grabbed a beaded bracelet. There are also two stabilizer domes you can attach to the bottom of Zoomy if you're so excited that your hands won't stop shaking!
You can capture photos or videos with Zoomy and the online viewer allows you to add special effects and picture frames too. This microscope is so much fun to use and it's so simple even preschoolers can use it on their own.
Wanting to play some more, I pulled a leaf off a dandelion in my front yard and was amazed at the magnified details. I absolutely love the fantastic experiences that new technology provides, so our children can have more positive and more exciting opportunities today.
Visit Learning Resources to get Zoomy for your kids. Pick up an extra one for your child's favorite science teacher too! Your budding scientist may be the one who cures many diseases some day in the future. Make sure you follow their social media accounts (below) to hear about new products and special promotions!
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Excellent. Thanks for a great review. I bet that my son would love it!


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