World Series of Yahtzee Board Game - Review

Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
My family loves to play Yahtzee and we were thrilled to discover the World Series of Yahtzee Board Game. Designed for 2-4 players, this game combines luck, speed, and even flashing lights. Everyone rolls at the same time to try to score the high card. The player with the highest total on cards wins!
My husband and my son set up the game and spent at least an hour playing together and laughing together. Nothing makes my heart happier than to hear my family enjoying time with each other. Hasbro Game Night knows how important together time can be and all their games are geared towards quality time.
At a child development conference, I once heard that the majority of people in prison never played a board game with their parents. That is an amazing statistic because playing a board game teaches children to wait their turns, follow the rules, think things through and use strategy to be successful.
It also teaches them that they cannot always win; providing a teaching moment on how to deal with disappointment and defeat. Time together is so very important! Learning to relate to others through games like World Series of Yahtzee and other Hasbro games is a fun way to impart to your values to your kids.
As much as I love traditional Yahtzee, I think I like this one better because it's a fast paced race and it really adds a sense of urgency and excitement to the game. It's very-well designed from high-quality materials and will last through many family game nights.
You can buy Hasbro games at retailers nationwide and although this game is for older kids, you can find dozens of family board games for your children regardless of their age. You can also follow Hasbro Game Night on Facebook and Twitter.
My kids will go off to college this fall and I will always cherish the family times we spent together. I hope as they head into the world, they will take what they've learned from us and apply it to their own adult lives. I'm guessing they'll probably take some of our games from us when they go too!

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