Ways to Save on Home Energy Costs

If you're looking for ways to save money on heating and cooling costs, it's a good idea to focus on your windows and doors. Why? Well, those openings already exist in your house and chances are the seals are not as tight as the day the windows and doors were installed. One way to find out if you have drafty doors and windows is to hold a candle nearby and see how the flame reacts. You may see the flame moving just a bit or you may even see it laying nearly horizontal, indicating that air is moving through the cracks around the door or window.
Now that you've established that your doors and windows are letting your heat or cooled air out, it's a good idea to make some changes so that you can see energy savings on your monthly bill. What should you do? It may be time to replace the windows and doors. If your home is older than ten years old, you might consider replacement windows. If your budget is too tight for a major overhaul, consider changing just a few windows that seem to be leaking air the most.
You can also caulk around existing windows and doors to help seal cracks. Check both inside and outside to see if there are gaps. Often when houses settle, gaps will appear by windows and doors. Believe it or not, installing blinds and curtains can help you save money on energy costs as well. When it's very cold, closed blinds and windows can help insulate the window areas and keep drafts at bay. If it's miserably hot outside, the sun is beating down on your windows and those same closed blinds and curtains can help to shade the interior of the rooms. Open the curtains on the north and south sides of your home to let the natural light in and keep the other windows covered.
Trees are a wonderful natural way to help keep costs down. By shading your home and covering your windows with trees and shrubs, you also add beauty and value to your home. Your grass will also need less water, so you'll save on water expenses as well. Take a look around your home and find the many spots where you can save a bit of money, because over time it all adds up to a whole lot of savings!


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  1. I wish there was a button I could push and have my house updated- LOL We have an old house and we don't want to remove the old windows because they add so much character... Thanks for the great post-


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