The Interactive Art Book - Review

Disclosure: I received this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
The Interactive Art Book by Ron Van der Meer and Frank Whitford is an art appreciation class that will have your children dancing with delight. It's filled with three-dimensional models that show perspective, color mixing, movement, and abstract composition.
Students and art lovers can learn about 60 art masterpieces, including 25 lift-the-flap features, illustrating art processes from some of the greats like Picasso, van Gogh and Dali. There are also seven gatefolds that demonstrate subjects like How Art is Made, Light and Color, Stories and Puzzles, and more.
There are removable pieces for full interaction as well as an 18 page activity book that shows how to compose pictures, make prints, create collages, make potato prints, sculpting, and even scratch pictures. There is so much to explore and do within these colorful pages!
This is a wonderful book for those interested in art and every homeschooling family should have this book. If you're an art teacher (or any type of teacher), it should be in your classroom. It's chock-full of creativity that will inspire children of all ages to express themselves through art.
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  1. This would be a great book for our art appreciation homeschool class!


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