Orange Oil Termite Treatment Review

I recently had to deal with a termite problem in my home. I wasn’t thrilled about using chemicals or tenting my house but knew I had to do something. My home was a big investment that I want to keep for a long time. So, before calling in the exterminators, I wanted to consider other methods of getting rid of termites. So I did what I like to do, research.

Fumigators once used Vikane -- also known as sulfuryl fluoride -- and the poisonous gas require that the house be completed tented and evacuated. These gases will damage your lungs. Even once the fumigation is done, the gas can stay in the atmosphere for at least 30 years causing damage to the environment.

Orange oil is a new method of fumigation, and it's one that has been proven to be quite effective. Many orange oil solutions are used for spot treatments, but there are one or two -- Citruguard and XT2000 -- that can be quite effective at dealing with termite problems in the whole house.

The best thing about orange oil is that it works just like the Vikane, but it's a lot safer. It will kill off all the termites, but it won't fill your home with poisons. It is injected directly into the wood, where it kills the bugs and leaves your home termite-free. There is no need to move out while the infestation is being dealt with, but you can still enjoy the comfort of your home while the orange oil does the work.

This orange oil solution is very strong and is best applied by a professional. It’s been six months and a follow-up inspection gave the house a clean bill of health, at least from termites.

Contributor: April Pierce

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