Looking Fabulous for Fabulous Prices

For some reason people believe that moms have to dress down. They think moms live in “mom jeans” and sweats and ill fitting clothing nabbed from a bargain bin. In fact, mothers are famous for being unfashionable, but they don’t have to be! Any mom, even your mom, or YOU, can be comfortable and look fabulous. In fact, it is encouraged for mothers to be comfortable and look fabulous. Looking good helps you feel good and who needs to feel good more than a parent?

The common thought is that moms typically wear unfashionable items because they don’t want to spend the money required to wear high fashion or well made clothes. The truth is looking fantastic can be done on even the tightest of budgets. Here’s how to do it:

1. Buy Secondhand
Clothing changes from season to season and for a fashionista who can afford to change her entire wardrobe every few months wearing “last season’s” clothes is a travesty. Her cast offs are your gain! Typically the changes made in clothing from season to season are small and can be passed off as current (if you care about that sort of thing). You can, however, find last season’s wares in secondhand and charity shops for pennies on the dollar for what you would have paid in a department store right after the clothing line was “released.”

2. Share with Friends
Create a fashion pool that you and your friends all pay into. You can even set up a bank or savings account just for this. Then, every few months, go shopping. This gives you a day out with the gals (which every Mom sorely needs once in a while) and helps you save money. You can buy a few things and share them among your group. Obviously this works best if you and your friends are close in size and are good at sharing.

3. Make Your Own
Do you know your way around a sewing machine? Use that knowledge to your advantage. If you’ve ever actually read a fashion magazine you’ll know that, in addition to telling you how clothing looks (or why that look is something you are supposed to want), the reporters will also tell readers how those clothes are made. While patterns are rarely shared, talks of stitching and fabric are common. Read carefully! Then simply buy the right fabric and go to town.

These are just three ways to save money on fashion. Remember: moms aren’t just allowed to look good; they are encouraged to look good! Looking good is good for your self esteem and your mood during the day. And remember, just because fashion is often expensive doesn’t mean that it absolutely has to be expensive to be worth buying.

Contributor - R. Wilcox

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