Kia Sportage SX AWD - Review

A week of driving this red Kia Sportage was just not enough time. I did NOT want to turn it back into the company. I had so much fun driving this car around the Austin area! It's kind of like a mix between a car and a sport utility vehicle, much cooler than a station wagon and as easy to drive as a sports car.
It's a roomy car on the inside, seating five comfortably, plus a huge cargo area in back. The Sportage gets 20 mpg city and 25 mpg highway, so it gets good gas mileage. I drove it around all week and never had to refill the tank.
I like the angular lines of the car and the Signal Red color is beautiful. The car has four doors, so it worked great for my family because my teenage boys can get in and out of the back easily.
The drive is very comfortable and it was easy to park, both pulling in and backing in. Kia did a great job adding lots of little things to the Sportage (many of them standard) to make it more fun to drive and easier to use.
The cargo area in back was plenty of room for all the groceries I have to buy to feed my teenage boys. The seats also fold down for more storage space. I like the shade that pulls over the cargo area to keep people from peering in at my purchases.
Lifting the carpeted cargo bench reveals another area to organize things so they don't roll around. It's a great spot to store emergency supplies, tools, towels, and other stuff you usually carry in a car.
The safety features of the Kia Sportage include airbags, active headrests, anti-lock brakes, traction control, stability control, brake assist, rollover protection, and tire pressure monitoring. It gets a five star government overall safety rating.
It's a four cylinder engine with a six speed automatic transmission. I found it to respond well both on neighborhood streets and the highway. I like sitting slightly higher up than when in a car. I had a blast playing with all the buttons on the driver's seat to get it right where I want it.
The interior is very comfortable and the front seats can be heated or air-cooled. The seats almost hug me when I sit down. Everything on the dashboard is within reach and easy to see.
One of the best things I discovered was the seatbelt adjustment. I hate feeling like I'm being choked by the seatbelt, but the click of a button moves the belt down farther on my shoulder.
I also love starting the car with a push of a button. It also remembered my favorite radio station when I turned off the car.
The heating and cooling system was so easy it actually confused me! I am used to many more buttons to find the temperature I want, but the Kia Sportage easily manages it.
The wonderful computer touch screen on the dash is a driver's best friend. The new technology in cars today is really exciting!
From the AM/FM radio to the built-in GPS navigator to the Sirius radio, all the information I need and want is right at my fingertips.
The back-up warning system is really neat. As soon as the car is in reverse, the screen shows you a live photo of the area behind the car. No worries about backing into or over someone!
The steering wheel has cruise controls and audio controls on the right and left, so my hands can stay on the wheel all the time. Since the steering wheel tilts, I can put it wherever feels most comfortable to me.
I can also plug my own music into the car and charge up my electronics while I drive. It's been fun to discover all the extras in the car.
Believe it or not, it was two full days before I realized I had a panoramic sunroof. After that, it was open all the time. I love the natural light coming into the car.
Even the wheels are snazzy-looking and I felt good driving around in the Kia Sportage. Several of my neighbors even came over to admire my "new car" for the week. It's a great car!
You can find out more about the Kia Sportage at www.kia.com. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter too!
Disclosure: I received a week-long test drive at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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