Imagine I Can - Manhattan Toys - Review

Manhattan Toys understands that the best way for children to play is to use their imaginations. They have an entire line of wonderful educational toys called Imagine I can that reaches beyond the beeps, buttons, and batteries.
Shape Stack is a strategy game based on balance and gravity. Using the half circle wood piece as the base, two players compete to keep the base from tipping as they stack the colorful wood pieces on top. Fun for all ages, it improves hand-eye coordination and provides a perfectly portable quiet game to take along in its own tin.
Castle Climb is a game that challenges players to be first to build a castle. The colored dot on the die indicates which piece the player chooses next. All the beautifully painted pieces store in a tin so the game can go along with you anywhere.
These two games will fit easily into a purse, a pocket, a backpack, or a child's hand. It's so nice to have something interesting to pull out for the kids when you're sitting in line at the bank drive-through or sitting in a doctor's waiting room. Not only does time pass faster, your children are learning through play.
Check out the entire line of Imagine I Can toys at www.manhattantoy.com. Easily affordable, these toys make perfect gifts for friends' parties. Tuck a few in your kitchen drawer for those rainy afternoons when the children get bored and restless. These are wonderful high-quality products your family will enjoy!

Disclosure: I received products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. These are so cute! I know my kids would enjoy them!!


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