How To Market Your Products to Sell Online

You've created a fabulous new product and can't wait to become successful selling online. Now what? Well, you need a marketing plan to promote your products to sell them on the internet. Your plan needs to include a number of different approaches to get your products in front of as many computer users as possible, preferably targeted to those who will want to buy from you. Not having a good plan is one of the biggest reasons most new products don't make it big.
Tips for Marketing Your Products to Sell:
  1. Research where your competitors are selling their products online. Do they have their own website? Are they using online auctions or a crafters' marketplace? Your best bet is to get your products seen in as many places as possible. 
  2. Keep an eye on your bottom line. You want to make money, so don't spend a ton of money to purchase ad space online. Don't buy a huge inventory to keep on hand. Keeping your initial costs low means you'll see a profit faster. If demand increases, you can expand.
  3. Create an online presence with a website. It doesn't have to be fancy, but it needs to look professional. If you don't wish to purchase a domain name (dot com address) look into a free blog platform where you can upload your product photos.
  4. Take at least one photo of every product you want to sell. You'll need to create an online catalog of all the products in one place. One option is to use flip book software that allows users to feel as though they are actually turning the pages of your online catalog. A page flip software program with excellent quality photos can be a powerful selling tool loaded onto your own website. 
  5. Make sure your new online presence is accompanied by a Facebook page and a Twitter page, at the minimum. The other social media sites that generate quite a bit of traffic to sites include Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and Stumble Upon. 
  6. Anytime you add something new to your online catalog, share it on your social media accounts. Don't flood the internet on the first day. Make it a daily task to pick out a couple items to share at different times throughout the day. 
  7. Don't give up. Don't give in. 

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