How Do You Weigh a Cow Anyway?

Floor Scales Direct is the only company you need to contact for all your industrial scale needs. Their online store has a variety of durable scales for warehouses, trucking and livestock. If animals are your business FloorScalesDirect.com sells livestock scales that can be used for many purposes. They have alleyway scales, making it easy to prompt the animal toward the scale. The platform scales come in a lightweight but sturdy style for animals up to 80lbs as well as a 5,000lb capacity model that is NTEP certified, making it legal for the trading of livestock. With entrance and exit ramps, it’s easy for the animals to get onto the scale for weight. Diamond deck plating helps keep the animal from slipping and are easy to wash down. 
Floor Scales Direct also sells popular weight bars. These scales can be easily attached under livestock chutes, platforms, large tanks and hoppers. Weight bars are accurate up to 5,000lbs and compensates for the animal’s movement. They are made of heavy duty steel with a rust proof finish. Quick and easy to set up, this style of weighing system is a popular choice. Many of the livestock scales now come with data recording software which can save time as the numbers are recorded directly to your computer. It’s easy to use and tracks the weight, date, time, gross, tare, net and unit. Saved in a spreadsheet that includes an additional seven customer fields, it makes keeping records a quick and easy task. All it takes is the touch of a button.

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