Hilarious Office Supplies to Turn a Bad Day Around

Don't you just hate a bad day at work? Maybe it started with extra heavy traffic on the way into work or maybe you got a ticket for speeding through a school zone. Maybe your boss yelled at you for making a mistake or maybe it was someone else's mistake and you got blamed. Maybe the office coffeepot is broken or someone hacked your email. Maybe you just need some new office supplies to turn that bad day around.
Okay, maybe yelling WTF at the top of your lungs will be frowned upon, but won't it feel good to put a WTF sticky note on top of that pile of to-do stuff your boss just dropped on your desk? You can sign your paycheck that shows how unappreciated you are at work with your new WTF pen.
Remember how good it felt to slam down a phone onto its hook, back in the days of rotary phones? You can now get that same feeling of satisfaction as you pound your WTF self-inking stamp on all those stupid memos sent out about company rules made by someone who sits in an office two countries away from you. Looking for something slightly less offensive? How about OMG or TMI?
I promise you'll break into a smile at all the hilarious gifts, funny office supplies, and journals at Knock Knock, where they put the "fun" in "functional." This would be the perfect shopping trip for those gift exchanges at work too! Visit www.knockknockstuff.com and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter!
Disclosure: I received products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


  1. What a crack-up!! Definitely some days I could use those!! :)

  2. That's SO FONII!!! Gotta get me one! BB2U


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