Break Away - Movie Review

Disclosure: I received this movie at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Francois is a hard-working family man who finds himself out of a great corporate job. As a former athlete, he is a very determined man and to make ends meet for his family, he begins delivering packages on his bike. His brother, recently released from jail comes to stay with Francois and his family and his desire to do something for his brother leads him to build a better bike for Francois. The little bike shop is run by Eli, a man who remembers Francois' previous championship days. Though life is hard for all of them, the friendship between them grows as they lean on each other and on God.

When it seems all is lost for Francois, he comes to realize that you've got to use what you've got and let God do the rest. Much like the story where Jesus feeds a crowd with five loaves and two fishes, these three men begin to move forward in their lives and their faith, simply with what they have. Francois begins to train for Die Burger, a marathon race where the competitors are younger, stronger and more experienced than he, but with the help of his family, his friends, and his God, he pedals toward the finish line.

Find out what happens, when Break Away is released on April 23, 2013. It's an inspiring story that your whole family will love. You can watch the movie trailer HERE, order the movie HERE, and follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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