Baller's Bag - The Ultimate Bag and Backpack - Review

This amazing new Baller's Bag is the official bag of the American Basketball Association (ABA). Convenience, style and durability all come together to provide today's athletes with seemingly unlimited space in a sharp athletics bag.
The Baller's Bag expands in so many ways that I do believe I could put a baby kangaroo inside. Created for today's busy lifestyles, it also comes with a separate ball-shaped mini tote bag (but a ball will fit in the backpack) and two extra bags for that extra pair of court shoes.
Perfect for business people and students as well, the bag has a padded (and TSA checkpoint friendly) pocket for an iPad/Tablet or up to a 17-inch laptop. Go from work to school to the gym and carry everything you'll need in one Baller's Bag. No more stuffing a flimsy, little backpack full of stuff!
The Baller’s Bag design accommodates gear for basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, boxing, and just about any sport. Even a helmet will fit inside! It features dual water bottle mesh pockets, a file compartment, comfortable shoulder pads, and pockets galore.
The Baller’s Bag comes in lots of popular colors representing sports teams, countries, plus you can get solid black, red or blue. Starting at just $89, the Baller's Bag will completely replace those bulky duffle bags and better protect all your gear.
My two teenage boys love the Baller's Bag and there might just have to be a wrestling match around here to see who gets to take it to college this fall. Visit www.krossprecision.com or www.ballersbag.com for more information or to order one for yourself and your favorite athlete! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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