Anatomy of a Hollywood Car Chase

Have you ever been in a car chase? Have you ever seen one? This infographic below explains The Anatomy of a Hollywood Car Chase. You know, those fantastic car chases you see on movies that make you lean forward to sit on the edge of your seat. Find out below how much it costs to create some of the most famous car chases on the big screen. Discover which car chases are the most popular ones, those that we will likely never forget. Learn how many cars were destroyed in the making of a few of those Hollywood car chases. See how they compare to the reality of the OJ Simpson car chase in speed, cost, and more. Find out more about the reality of car chases, including the horrifying numbers of how many people have either experienced injuries as a result of a car crash and sadly also the number who have passed away. Did you know that 40 percent of all car chases end in an accident? I certainly hope I never have to experience that. Plus, an amazing 2/3 of car chases result from a minor traffic violation! Seriously, people if you've run a red light, just take the ticket, but my goodness don't take off and create a car chase that could result in someone's death!
The Anatomy of a Hollywood Car Chase Infographic by 800LoanMart
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