Visit Italy this Spring

Since spring has just begun and the sun is bright and shining, have you considered getting away for a spring time vacation? It’s definitely last minute, but if you’re able to pull some strings it will definitely be worth it! The good news is that spring doesn’t officially begin until March 21st, so you still have time to book tickets for April or May. In fact, it is the perfect time to visit Tuscany, Florence, and more in Italy during the spring time. There are spring festivals going on, the weather is perfect, and there are fewer tourists. Plus, spring is also a great time to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming in the seas – if the sea is warm enough that is. So head solo to Italy or bring along a friend, lover, or your family. Spring is the perfect time to visit this beautiful country while staying in Tuscany villa rentals!

Spring Festivals 
There are many entertaining festivals in Italy to enjoy that take place during the spring. Festivals include Holy Week, outdoor concerts in May and June, and also flower festivals. Plus, during the holidays in Italy – liberation day on April 25th, Easter Monday, and Festa della Repubblica on June 2nd, you can also experience concerts, festivals, and processions. Look up some well known festivals and plan your spring vacation around the events to truly experience Italy!

Italy’s Weather is Ideal 
Spring weather in Italy is simply divine this time of year. If you can deal with occasional rain and dampness during the season, then you will have no problem truly enjoying this magical country. Most of Italy receives less rain in the spring than fall, so don’t expect rainfall the entire time you are there. Plus, towards the end of the spring time the temps start rising which means you might be able to enjoy the beach, go on hikes in the hills, and even enjoy family picnics.

Find Reasonable Airfare 
Since summer is usually when all of the tourists arrive, you should be able to find affordable airfare, except for during or on holidays. If you plan ahead or happen to come across an online deal, this will help considerably, especially if you are on a tight budget. Plus staying at a villa in Tuscany will also be affordable during this season, making your stay delightful in every single way. Have fun in Italy during the spring!

Sierra is a freelance writer who would love to travel to Italy one day. She blogs on her blog Ocean Dreams about her latest traveling adventures. 

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