Trying New Recipes Will Be Fun

Now that I'm officially retired, I'm really looking forward to having lots of time to cook and create new meals. My husband and I have made the commitment to better, healthier eating since we're obviously getting older. It would have made sense to have been eating well all these years, but today is a new day and so we get to start over again.

There are so many recipes across the internet, plus I have piles of cookbooks laying around my house so I'm excited at the prospect of trying foods we have never eaten. I also want to alter some of my favorite recipes to make them healthier choices, so I'll be experimenting with some substitution ingredients too.

We love too many high-fat and high-calorie foods. We do love spicy foods, so we're going to try healthier options with different spices. I did find one recipe on tv on dish latino that I'm planning to try. It's a chicken-breast fajita meal and it seems pretty simple and straightforward. First, I have to go through my fridge and pantry to find out what foods I have on hand. Now that we're on a tighter budget, I'm going to try to use up everything we have on hand.

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  1. I'll be interested to read how you adapt to cooking for just two. I know that I am completely relearning how to cook and how to shop!