#SXSW Ways To Get Around #Travel

Austin shuts down several streets each year for the SXSW festival. Most of the music and activities are centered on 6th Street and then extend outward in several different directions. Parking is always a challenge. I found a public parking lot that is pretty close, but I did arrive pretty early in the day. The lot normally charges $10 for a full day of parking, but amazingly that number doubles for SXSW. Yes, I paid the $20. Sickening. It was the most expensive thing I did all day! Once you find a place to park, getting around the festival is mostly on foot, although I did discover a few other ways to get around....
And we're walking....
You could rent a Segway.
You could ride a skateboard.
You could ride a bicycle. Although there are many signs warning against bike parking.
I like this toddler's ride. That's a great way to travel.
I chatted with this guy and he said he'd rather be walking.
NOTE: It's a good idea to wear comfortable shoes if you're heading down to SXSW!

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