#SXSW Unusual Characters #Travel

Austin, Texas, is known for "keeping it weird" and the SXSW festival can bring out some of the most unusual characters. As I wandered around Historic 6th Street, I thought it might be fun to share some of the more expressive people of Austin. Warning - Some of these photos might not be suitable for children.
Keeping Austin Weird

Yes, that is her hair.

Street Werewolf Musician

He might be in need of a shave.

Yes, that is a skirt. Maybe it's a kilt. Seriously, it's a skirt.
This dude is epic.
This striped skating butt-head was scaring small children.

He scared a few adults too.

No idea who the blue-headed hairy guy is.

Yes, she is nearly naked, in public, in the middle of the street.

And yet, no one seems to take notice of her.

I thought Captain Kangaroo was dead.

Come on down to Austin, y'all!

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