#SXSW Fashions for the Street

I love to watch people. This world is filled with so many different kinds of people and everyone has their own style. SXSW seems to be one of the Austin events that exacerbates this fact. Here is a sampling of the fashions that really made a statement (in one way or another). Remember, the city slogan is "Keep Austin Weird!"
Dude must have great self-esteem to wear these in public.
At least he won't sunburn his calves in these socks.

You think his girlfriend chose this outfit for him?
I guess the guy on the right doesn't breathe much.
Wedding day, perhaps?
Lace and cowboy boots. Perfect Austin attire for SXSW.
You could match your shorts to your girlfriend's hair.

Cute and comfortable. Smart thinking!
If you've still got it, flaunt it! I know I would!
Notice she's not smiling about her shoe choice?
Lace-covered high-heeled boots? Ouch!
Excellent choice - boots, skirt, sweater, and hands-free bag!
With the temps at 80 degrees, don't forget sunscreen!
Second-hand stores are a great source for inexpensive fashions.
A well-fitting top is as important as a well-fitting sunhat.
Boots and a dress. I see a pattern here. Cute couple!
Good choices, man! You're rocking that hat!
Accessorize with a belt, if you choose.
The flame shirt is one I swear I stole from my husband's closet to donate it.
Capri pants and a loose blouse are another great option!
This is one of a few times you can wear your SMUT shirt.
Dude, ever heard of an iron???
Just remember...Whatever's Comfortable!
Oh, and Johnny, this one's for you.

SXSW 2013 ~ Austin, Texas

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