Spring Cleaning Gone Overboard

I'm so glad it's almost spring. Don't forget to "spring forward" your clocks this weekend! My flowers are blooming, my trees are budding, and since we're getting our house ready to list for sale, I'm going overboard with spring cleaning. I've sold everything out of the two daycare rooms. There isn't a single item left. I had several toy sales and had lots of shoppers come to get great deals on fabulous toys, books, games, and videos. I also sold quite a bit of stuff through my online local classified ads. 
It feels like I peeled off a layer of my life by clearing out those rooms and I'm so excited to move onto my next phase of life. Ready to get started on your spring cleaning? De-cluttering is a big part of it! Here are some great tips to help you get started:
  • Get some big boxes. You'll need two for each room you want to clear out. Label one "sell" and another "donate" then fill them up.
  • Visit your local charity shops and second-hand shops to drop off your "donate" boxes. These are the perfect place to drop off your old clothes, shoes and purses. Be sure to get a receipt because you can deduct the cost of donations off your taxes!
  • Take all the "sell" boxes into the garage and begin sorting out the items into categories. 
  • Big items and toys always sell great at garage sales, so you should plan on having at least one of those.
  • Small electronic items can bring you a few dollars at a local pawn shop or online through local classified ads. Many sites will let you list your items for free, but you can also pay to auction the items online through resale sites.
  • Movies, DVDs, CDs and Games can be challenging to sell yourself. MusicMagpie.com is an online website that will give you cash for them. It's totally free to use and you can de-clutter your media area by selling them the ones you no longer want. If you've upgraded to a blu-ray player and no longer want all those DVDs lying around, log onto MusicMagpie.com and make some money easily and conveniently.
  • If you have toys left over that you haven't been able to sell, please consider donating them to your local church daycare or Mother's Day Out programs. Many of those places don't have a large toy budget and you can deduct those donations as well.
  • Now that your house is de-cluttered, it'll be a breeze to clean! 

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