Small Town Deals Are Often Better

We just spent the day in San Marcos, Texas, visiting my son's future college, attending information sessions, and finding out more information about the scholarship he was awarded. I feel very good about his choices and his plans and I'm confident that he will be successful in college. It's only about an hour away but I'm amazed at the differences between the city of Austin and the city of San Marcos. It's a much smaller town and as we drove around, I noticed many of the "deals" are better there than they are in Austin.
One of the biggest differences I saw was that the car dealerships offer greater incentives for car sales and car lease deals. I guess that's because they try to entice people from the bigger cities to travel out a bit to save. Although it makes sense, it seems that car dealerships in Austin could actually offer better deals because they sell more cars and can negotiate better deals with the manufacturers.

We stopped for lunch before we headed home and I noticed differences there too. For one, the college provided coupons for each student and their parents, so we saved $19.50 on our lunch at the steak house. That was definitely a great deal. The service seemed friendlier and more laid back than many of the places in Austin. I'm very happy that my son chose Texas State University. It's a great school and with the scholarship he received, it's possible he could graduate with no student loan debt. San Marcos seems like a wonderful little city and I'm sure he'll be very happy there. Only three months until he graduates from high school!

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