Mulling Over Losing The Man Cave

As we've cleaned and packed and staged the rooms of our home to sell, I've suddenly gained an office/living room and a dining room. I'm really enjoying the beauty of the dining room. Having an office in the front of the house is wonderful. I have also just realized that we'll be losing the man cave when we move. No more pool table, no more foosball table, no more dedicated game system television. We've worked really hard to make a welcoming, fun True Man Cave so the kids would enjoy being in their own home. All of our family has used the room for parties, get-togethers, and just for hanging out. It's just as much fun (or more) to gather around the pool table for family times, as it is to gather around the kitchen table for dinner as a family. The futon has also served as a guest bed many times when family and friends slept overnight at our home.
Now that our house is on the market and we plan to be moving soon, we will be losing our True Man Cave family gathering place. Since the boys are going off to college in the fall anyways, I'm sure it would have stood empty many an evening if we'd stayed. But we are so ready to downsize and simplify, so it's a bittersweet goodbye to our game room. It's a good thing I took hundreds of photos over the past 22 years. I'll soon have time to go through all  the scrapbooks and make an online chronicle for the kids. We are definitely taking some of our collectible memorabilia when we move to add to our new place, wherever we may land.


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