Karina Dresses Goes To Oz

One of the most wonderful and enjoyable benefits of being a blogger is getting invitations to pre-screenings of movies. "Press" seats for movie pre-screenings are at no charge (although we have to buy our popcorn and sodas) and I can take my husband with me. In addition, the seats are reserved and are always good seats.
Whenever I go to a special event, I can always count on my Karina Dresses to be as ready to go as I am. Since I never have to iron my Karina Dresses, I can just grab it out of the closet, throw it on and go. It sure makes my life easier when I know my dress will look as great as I feel.
As soon as my husband got home from work, we ate, changed clothes and left for the movie. We headed out for the move pre-screening, not realizing how close we were cutting our time. All the way across town, we fought traffic and I was a bit nervous and sweating it out because they only hold press seats for a period of time, then they release them to the general public who are standing in line outside.
My husband dropped me off at the entrance to the cinema and went to park. I high-tailed it inside, just in time to get the last two press seats for the movie. I waited for him after I got our press wristbands and then we headed inside, fortunately getting seats in the middle of one of the front rows. My Karina Dress still looked fabulous, even though I was a bit frazzled after our frantic car ride.
We thoroughly enjoyed the 3D high-def showing of Oz The Great And Powerful. It is an amazingly great story and I'm happy it isn't a remake of the original. There were lots of wonderful surprises throughout the movie and I highly encourage you to go see it when it opens later this week. I'm definitely going to see it again!
The beautiful Karina Dress I am wearing is the very comfortable Megan Short-Sleeve in Paisley. It's a beautiful combination of greens, blues, and black, which perfectly matched my Emerald (city) Green wristband for the event! Use code PLANETW30 for $30 off any full-price dress in the Karina Dresses webstore!

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  1. It is a beautiful dress!
    Thank you for the great review!

  2. Great review!! You look so cute, I can't wait to see this movie!