It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Closet

After Valentine’s Day people fall into a hole because (a) they did not like this most talked about holiday and felt lonely or (b) they received too many flowers, love letters and candy. The cuteness of Valentine’s Day is gone when March hits and it is therefore time to jump over those holes and find easy but fun ways to enjoy the last days of winter before spring knocks on our doors again.
Not only is it time to start spring cleaning it is also time to look for good deals, on and offline. If you are looking for a new winter cardigan or a fun new scarf, why not discover plenty of pretty accessories that can be found at www.sidepon.com? Spring cleaning does not only happen at home but mostly happens within us.

Make Room for New Clothing Items
Look at all of your clothes. Which ones do you use at least once a week or once a month? Which items did you forget even existed? Which ones haven’t you used in a whole year? Making a list helps too. Be honest, be real and most importantly be strong. Consider when you last wore your beloved college T-shirt that has now a big stain on it. Was it two years ago? If so, throw it away and have fun buying a new one you will love and proudly wear again. Are all seven pairs of jeans still fitting you? Be honest. Do not just keep them because they once meant something to you. If you cannot close the button it is time to let go of that pair. Same goes for any other pair of trousers. 
Do you honestly wear all of your T-shirts; even the ones in a size you no longer wear? Be realistic here. Those ten T-shirts take up space in your closet you could use for a brand new bag or a new pair of fancy shoes or five new blouses. When was the last time you wore those boots, or those white flats that look grayer today? Again, be honest. Make a list of all the items in your closet you have not worn for a long time. Make a list of items that are stained, have holes in them, do not fit anymore, or just do not seem to be something you would consider wearing ever again. Look at that list and circle items you could give to someone in need or even sell. The remaining items not fitting into any category simply need to go, once and for all. You will feel relieved but most importantly you are now having space in your closet again.

Once You Have Room, Organize Accordingly
Look at your remaining clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. You ended up with items you wear and love the most. If you can create seven wonderful outfits for one week you are good to go. If you cannot make sure you get the following necessary and affordable items to complete your closet spring cleaning. Stay true to basic colors and items such as a black, blue, gray, beige and maybe even one red cardigan. One of each color is plenty. Also, if you don’t like blue or beige, then gray and black pieces are fine, too. Same goes for pants and skirts. One dark and one light pair of pants or skirt is enough and can easily be combined with a simple T-shirt or blouse and cardigan. 
Once basic colors seem and look boring after a while add a splash of color to your outfit. A simple bright scarf or necklace works best and does not have to cost much. One striped skirt or polka dotted cardigan will also do the trick. This is when spring cleaning makes most sense; you get rid of items but can improve your outfits, your closet and even your whole attitude. 
Contributor: Paige One enjoys writing about a variety of topics, from fashion to fitness. 

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