Finding a New Life in a Big City

There's something about the big city that goes beyond tangible benefits or practicality. Sure, there are famous landmarks or spectacular stores and shops that make our small town stores of the same companies look like kiosks at the mall.

But there's a special feeling about being in the big city. Even if we are just visiting we know we are at a place where things are happening. Just to hear the words of the concierge when he says "Oh yes, the spot you are looking for is on Fourth and Market. Let me show you how to get there," gives us a feeling of excitement. Walking the streets of New York, seeing the bright lights of Los Angeles, taking the trolley in San Francisco, there is something mesmerizing about all of them.

So if you have the opportunity to live and work in the big city then it shouldn't be too hard to take advantage. You go there and you embrace the culture. But the hardest part is getting acclimated. We all fear transition and movinginto a place like New York is the ultimate transition.

But if you're the type of person that yearns for the hustle and bustle of the subway and the crowded nights of Times Square then you should be willing to enjoy the unpredictability of your transition to the city life. In a sense, it's all the same thrill.

Of course you'll have to find a place. And that's important, but remember pickiness can be your worst enemy. Embracing the city culture doesn't mean you have to live a stone's throw away from that famous museum you've heard of. In fact, it's quite the contrary. Exploring the unknown and all this new mecca of yours has to offer is how you'll find true culture. Obviously you'll make a few trips to that museum, but think about all the stuff you'll find along the way.

And if all the apartments near your work are a little out of your price range, don't sweat that either. A little commute never hurt anyone. Remember, that commute won't be sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway burning up gas. It will be a walk to the subway, perhaps past an interesting street performer.

The most important thing is to find an area you're comfortable living. Can you see yourself walking the neighborhood? Are there a few coffee shops you can see yourself sitting in and reading a book? What about some bars that you just wouldn't find back home? The perfect place to meet friends or just strangers to share a conversation with. Perhaps a local will tell you some of the hidden gems of the city. Perhaps you'll meet someone new to the city like yourself. Maybe they will become a causal friend of yours. Maybe they'll introduce you to someone who will become a close friend of yours.

These are the types of things you want to be able to envision when you move to a new place. And don't worry about the size of your place, especially if you are single. Remember, you're starting something new here. Be smart. Don't try to take everything with you.

And don't fret, there are plenty of moving concierge service options that can pair you up with trained movers. Ultimately, it comes down to what you want to experience.

Don't be afraid of the big city and the life it brings. If you are worried of change then, sure, bring some of your old life with you. Perhaps old furniture or memories will go unused and packed away, but perhaps knowing they are there will provide comfort.

But whatever you do, soak in the big city. Treat it like an adventure. It's a place where things are happening. And you are a part of that.
--contributor: R Wilcox


  1. Nice post are you moving? Jeanette

  2. I have a dream to live in NYC one day... After the kids are gone and if I can talk the husband into it... 2nd best is that I'm taking my girls there for a week this summer to soak up the culture.. Great post
    Love to you - Kelly
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