Where and what was love on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day, a day where the question of what love is, is on everyone’s mind, actually mostly on female minds. Working at an all-girls school this preoccupation is out in force amongst the teenage population. A small percentage come to school on this day feeling safe and secure that they don’t have anything to worry about. They are certain they will get a call from the school office to come and collect a bunch of flowers that their dutiful teenage boyfriends have sent. I see these girls walking across the school yard proudly carrying their flowers like a prized trophy, aware of the envious glances from those around. Some break into a smug strut, confident in the knowledge that they have hit the holy grail of what every teenage girl dreams for – a boyfriend. When I see these girls I often think bravo to the boyfriends. How is it that a 15 year old boy has the smarts to know that if he sends flowers to school and not to home or even in person that he has hit the jackpot? I often wonder too where do these boys get their money? And how do they know what flowers to choose? Some (the ones who want to stay queen bees), the rumour mill has it, send these flowers to themselves! Even though I find this hard to believe it does reflect the credibility associated with the elusive delivery.

The rest of population of girls sadly are preoccupied with questions of the heart - what is love, where do I find love and how do I make someone love me, what is the secret to love and worst of all what am I doing wrong? I hate seeing these girls on Valentine’s Day become insecure and anxious, made to feel inadequate on this one silly day in February. I try to tell them it is a manufactured commercial day completely hyped up by the media that isn’t meaningful at all but that doesn’t seem to help. I want to reassure them that there is plenty of time for them to meet someone who is just right for them and that there is nothing wrong with them just because the front office hasn’t called for them. They are beautiful, fresh and lovely as they are but this would sound weird and inappropriate and freak them out.

More often than not they view it as my own excuse for my own lack of bounty. But luckily some girls seem to have the day in perspective. For example one girl baked heart shaped cookies for all her friends. Perhaps this is simply easing the pain but I like to optimistically think that they are one’s who have taken the opportunity to share their love for what is real in their lives which is their friends.

So onward and upward as we move towards March and await another year of heart soaring and heart breaking and all the old cliches come out in bloom again!
-contributor: MVM / World Transformation

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  1. I really liked this post, and it is a real problem that goes on in schools. Young girls are in secure already, and Vday makes it worse for some of them. Jeanette


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