What To Buy My Husband This Year?

Men are among the hardest to shop for, and that rule applies even when the man you're looking to buy a gift for is your husband. It doesn't matter how long you've been together, a man that already has all the basic things in life is nearly impossible to buy for! This year, when shopping for an anniversary or birthday present for your husband, try and put some added thought into the gift to give him something personal he will remember. For example:
  • Tickets to a sporting event - if your husband loves sports, take him out to see his favorite team. Even if you don't personally love the sport, make it an outing for both of you, since spending time together is an even greater gift. If his favorite sports team isn't playing locally, but you have a larger gift budget for a special anniversary or another occasion, make it a weekend getaway. You can splurge and stay at a nice hotel, perhaps grab a couple's massage, have a great meal, and go cheer on the team together. He won't forget a gift like that, and you will have set the bar high for him to surprise you in the future!
  • Something for his office - if your husband works behind a desk, a gift that will make the environment more comfortable and motivating is one that will always be appreciated. An office decoration like those at Personal Creations can be personalized so he always remembers where it came from. You can look at getting him a functional item, like a business card holder. Or a picture frame where he can proudly display a photo of his family.
  • Power tools - it may seem stereotypical, but if your husband is into DIY projects, getting him a new power tool will always be well-appreciated. If you don't know what he's looking for, consider going on a shopping trip together. If you don't normally pay the hardware store a visit with him, he will appreciate having you along, especially if you are able to act enthusiastic and supportive while he shops. If he is just building his tool collection, there are some key pieces that every do-it-yourselfer should have in their toolbox, and you can consider these items as a guide.
Remember, whenever you choose a gift it is always the the thought that counts. Ensure that you also get some quality time together, as that is most important with any anniversary.

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  1. Lisa, I feel your pain- we have Valentine-s then my hub's B-day on the 20th. Thanks for the ideas! I have an idea for you...maybe you could write a really sweet post about him and link it up to my Let me Count the Ways (My Hubby is Awesome) link up! ? Just a thought! Happy Friday!