Top 5 Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gifts That Will Change Your Partner’s Life

If you are one to strongly disregard the stereotyped candies and flowers, and are hunting around for Valentine’s Day gift ideas that tug the right chords, here’s the perfect guide for you.

What to Keep in Mind
There are four things to consider while looking for a gift:
- Is there anything they have been thinking of buying or have been coveting for some time now?
- What would touch them on an emotional level?
- Something that has a personal significance to them?
- Something that will create a marked difference in their lives?

1. Handmade Token of Love
Anything that has been personally made will definitely be a special present. Handmade cards, photo collages, charm bracelets, or anything that has a customized feel to it. Another popular idea is to cook a meal, but if you are a walking culinary disaster, then stick to baking a cake. Men especially should try this out. As the ubiquitous belief goes that men are generally less inclined towards craft or anything remotely creative, this would really be a sweet gesture for your partner.

2. A Mix Tape
No, not asking you to put the latest Taylor Swift numbers on a CD, definitely not. Write down a little romantic piece saying how much your partner means to you, past memories, special occasions, something you have always wanted to tell them, and then record this. If you are a novice, and not very technologically inclined, get help from a friend who is. Put some background music (the Love Story theme is definitely the popular choice, but it is better to pick up a song that has a memory attached for the both of you), and add a few conversation recordings (not of abusive fights please) if you have any. You can make a video clip as well, if you have hordes of pictures. Switch the background music with your own recording in this case to create a visual and audio impact.

3. Wellness coupons/membership
Have your partner been thinking of shredding some weight lately? Get them a gym membership. But men, be careful this is tricky territory, your girlfriend might take offense. Unless you're completely sure she isn’t the one to give you living hell for gifting a gym membership, go ahead.
Another option is to stick with spa or beauty coupons, girls adore such gifts.

4. Personalized Gifts
Is your boyfriend a soccer fanatic or maybe he is into football? How about getting him a jersey with his name and his favorite player’s jersey number on it? How about getting a little book put together. Write down your love story, and get it printed and bound with a picture of the two of you on the cover page.

5. Electronic Cigarettes
If your partner is an avid smoker, and you are concerned about their health: give them the option to switch over to a healthier option. Most people find it extremely difficult to completely quit smoking, and no it doesn’t entirely have to do with will power, nicotine addiction is as real as hunger pangs. Not completely forgoing the habit of smoking and the dependence on nicotine would make it easier for them to curtail smoking. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, and have nicotine laced filter that produces vapor instead of the harmful smoke when exhaled, hence a better choice. Here are the top 10 electronic cigarettes of 2013 to choose from. By gifting an electronic cigarette you are giving them the ‘gift’ of life on Valentine’s Day.
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