Staging a Home to Sell Takes Thought

Dining Room as a Daycare Room
Since we're in the process of getting our home ready to go on the market, I've been thinking about different ways I'll be staging each one of the rooms in my house. One of the two daycare rooms is now completely empty and will be turned back into the formal dining room. We'll be moving our big kitchen table and chairs to the dining room, and adding the extra leaf to the table. We're going to take down the ceiling fan and hang a nice chandelier over the dining room table. I have one in storage but I'll need to get some halogen replacement bulbs for it. I'll probably set the table with my nicest dishes for staging the room, plus add a centerpiece and maybe some taper candlesticks for a romantic look.

The other daycare room is still a playroom right now, but when all the children have gone on to new schools that room will become the formal living room. Although people don't often use formal living rooms, so I'm considering moving my desk set to that room and maybe putting the love seat and a side table in that room. That will stage the room like an office area which is probably more common for most families these days. By moving the love seat and a table in that room, it'll allow me to thin out the family room. Too much furniture in a room makes it feel smaller, so it's important to make the room feel more open.

We are toying with the idea of setting up the breakfast nook with our poker table and folding chairs. That will give the room some personality and functionality. We don't currently have another table to put in there, so we're trying to do this on a tight budget especially since I am retiring from daycare a few months sooner than we expected. It will allow me plenty of time to get the rest of the chore list completed so we can list it for sale, but it also cuts into our income. We hope to sell quickly! I'll be taking photos as I stage the rooms, with before and after pics and some helpful tips. Stay tuned!

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  1. i'll be looking forward to photos. I think the card table idea for the breakfast nook is a good one. A table cloth and casual centerpiece will give the idea of how useful the nook is.


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