#SafeHaven - A Perfect Valentine's Day Movie

Safe Haven starts today! It's the perfect date movie and your date will love it as much as I did. Josh Duhamel is sweet, sexy, manly and romantic. Julianne Hough is spunky, perky, adorable and funny. Safe Haven is full of suspense and a bit of mystery. It's the story of a young woman escaping her past who finds herself in a tiny town. She meets a local store owner who is widowed with two adorable children. They both fumble through the days, unsure of themselves and each other, finally discovering there is really something between them. When her dark past catches up to her, he promises her a safe haven. I really loved the special twist at the end of the movie because it was totally unexpected. Even my husband said it was a great movie (and we all know it's destined to be called a chick flick). A wonderful romance story, beautifully written, artfully acted. Go see it at a theater near you!
Disclosure: I viewed this film at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. I loved the book. I hope the movie is just as good.