Pet Responsibility Month Dog Training Tips

I get so sad when I hear about dogs biting people because I know that ultimately the owner is responsible for the animal's behavior. The best thing you can do for your pet, to show him you love him, is train him to be a dog that obeys. Bil-Jac has provided me with these training tips to share with you during Pet Responsibility Month. 

Pet Responsibility Tips courtesy of Bil-Jac
Joel Silverman, infamous dog trainer and a Bil-Jac advocate, believes in an open-minded approach to dog training. Bond to the dog with your heart, but train with your brain. In other words, don’t get emotional about your training efforts. Make it fun for the dog. Sometimes the dog will need correction. He views the correction as merely an “interruption” of the undesired behavior.

According to Silverman, It is most crucial to build a relationship with your dog first. Find out what he likes and dislikes. You are uncovering your dog’s personality in this phase, which important in order to begin the training process. Below are five dogtraining tips that will make training for successful and enjoyable for you and your best friend ...

5 actionable steps can you share to help owners with training their dog?

First, get to know your dog and build a relationship with him. Find out what he likes and dislikes. Even notice where in the house he prefers to build the bond.

Second, set a goal of what you want to accomplish. If you display any doubt, your dog will pick up on that doubt and be less responsive. Have a game plan.

Third, understand that you will train only part of the behavior in each session. Keep the training sessions short, about two to three minutes. Repeat the session several times a day.

Fourth, keep it as positive as possible when working with your dog, but understand there is a right way and wrong way for a physical correction. Corrections are merely “interruptions.” Be open-minded.

Fifth, always end on a positive note. You want your dog to look forward to the next training session. When it ends, go play with him, take him out for walk and just have a good time with him… maybe he give him a treat.
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 About Joel Silverman - For over 30 years Joel has worked behind the scenes traininganimals for movies, TV shows, and commercials. As a host of the popular television series Good Dog U on Animal Planet, from 1999-2009, Joel had the opportunity to showcase his unique ability to relate to and problem-solve behavior issues with a wide variety of dog breeds and owners. Joel's ability to communicate pet owners in a friendly and gentle manner is what has propelled him to hosting GOOD DOG U, and his current syndicated TV series Dog & Cat Training With Joel Silverman.

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  3. I also want to give enough time and attention to my dog to keep him trained. I got him for our family so he is indeed our responsibility. I wanna treat him as part of the family and not just a pet.


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