Nerf Nightvision Camcorder - Review

Your kids are going to love the Nerf Nightvision Camcorder. Maybe even as much as my husband loves it! He's been playing with this for days. It has real high tech night vision and allows the user to see in the dark for up to fifty feet. Even more exciting, it allows the user to record video and watch it later. It comes with a USB cable and camera guide. The night vision binoculars have an optical lens, an SD card slot, strap hooks, infrared lights, and a comfortable rubber seal.
Imagine all the places to use these! Take them camping and record night wildlife. Take them to a night game of hide and seek. Wear them on Halloween and record yourself scaring the neighbors. Hide out and watch for Santa on Christmas eve. The Nerf Nightvision Camcorder is very simple to use and loads of fun!
Visit nerf.com and check out all the newest and greatest high-tech toys! Your kids (and your husband) will be so excited to get their hands on these products.
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


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