My Fit Foods Can’t Fake Fit 21 Day Challenge - Review

It's February, so how's your weight loss resolution going? Yeah, me too. Get back on track with the My Fit Foods Can’t Fake Fit 21 Day Challenge starting February 17! The Challenge is taking place in all My Fit Food stores and clients compete against each other to win prizes. Prizes are awarded at each location and the grand prize winner across all markets will win a trip for two to Cabo, Mexico. Winners are determined by the most amount of body fat % lost for the top male and female finishers.
Daily Menu includes 3 meals and 2 snacks.
My Fit Foods was created by Mario Mendias, a personal trainer who was frustrated that his client’s nutrition was sabotaging their work in the gym. In just six years the concept has grown into over 50 stores in Texas, California, Arizona, Idaho and Oklahoma, with 50 new stores planned for 2013. While food is the obvious product, what My Fit Foods really does is educate consumers about healthy eating so they can make better food choices anywhere and anytime. Customers can sit down and have a free nutritional consult anytime they come in the store.
My Fit Foods are filling, delicious and healthy.
My Fit Foods serves up a smorgasbord of "grab and go" healthy meals that are perfectly proportioned to help you lose those stubborn pounds without sacrificing taste. Meals are designed for breakfast, lunch , dinner and snacks and come in small (for women), medium (for men) and large (for couples or anyone doing strenuous workouts) sizes. Only high-quality ingredients are used and over 99% of the products are gluten-free and most are low glycemic index making My Fit Foods ideal for diabetics.
I visited My Fit Foods in Austin, Texas, to pick up two days' worth of healthy food. I met with the assistant manager, Cody, who was so helpful in explaining the program, the benefits, and even directing me to some of his favorite foods.
I've had the opportunity to sample six meals and four snacks now. My Fit Foods are delicious, gourmet quality meals. You will never feel like you're eating diet foods. The chili is absolutely incredible and I wish I could get my hands on their recipes. The mint chocolate Oatmega Bar is heavenly. Honestly, there wasn't a single food that I didn't love!
Made fresh with nothing frozen, clients pick up a couple of days worth of food at one time to store in the fridge. The women's meals are marked "small" but two meals I couldn't even finish because I was so full. Their website allows you to express order to pick up or you can go in to shop to see what's available from their many refrigerators.
While I was in My Fit Foods, Cody also made a My Fit Cocktail Shooter for me. It's their own special blend of cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, b-12, and lemon. Wow, talk about an immediate powerhouse of natural energy! It tasted a little bitter because of the vinegar, but as a shot the tastes are combined so it's not overly bitter.
I totally recommend My Fit Foods! Join the My Fit Foods Can’t Fake Fit 21 Day Challenge today! Visit www.myfitfoods.com for more information and to find a location near you. Follow them on Twitter and "like" them to get a money-saving coupon on their Facebook page!
Disclosure: I received these products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I can't believe these foods glutein free and has low glycemic index. These looks really appetizing. Now dieting would never be dull and tasteless.

  2. These look INCREDIBLE and they need to move towards the east coast! If they 1) work and 2) continue to keep the meals as nice and as you say, tasty as this they will definitely have a winner!

    I did do a "meal delivery" plan that started out great, but ended up being not so wonderful - but it was I believe because the kitchen got to be much too big, trying to deliver to way too many STATES from the same kitchen.

    This does look like a wonderful way to get back into the groove - God knows I need that now (the big M has not been nice to me)

  3. My Fit Foods is expanding by 50-60 stores this year so Kat, an east coast outlet may be in the works

  4. I'm going to do it...

  5. I tried the 3 day challenge and loved it. Then I went back for another 3 day challenge. Now, as of today, I'm officially on the 21 Day Challenge. This food is truly excellent. I've never had more energy than I have eating MyFitFoods. I'm sleeping better too. The My Fit Cocktail is genius. I know it sounds weird, but it really works to help cleanse your body of toxins and jump start your metabolism. I can't wait to post my results at the end of the challenge. I've already lost 4 lbs and I was not doing all of the program.


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