How To Truly Secure Your Valuables

There are a lot of things in your life that you want to keep as safe as possible. Luckily, safety and security measures and technologies are always advancing so the options that are available to you now are the best they have ever been. Here are some of the best ways to keep yourself, your family and your valuables safe.

Your Self
You probably have automated locks on your car. Do you have automated locks on your home? Automated house locks are great because they keep you from having to fumble with your keys as you go from your car to your home. They also, like with car keys, come with a panic button that you can push if you get startled or accosted, which will set off an alarm in your home that will alert the neighbors to your needing help. Beyond that, things like taking a self defense class, staying in well lit and highly trafficked areas at night, carrying mace or pepper spray if you need to go somewhere alone at night, etc—you know the basics. Do them!

Your Home
You have undoubtedly done your research on Home Security Systems. Here is how to make sure you have the best: you want a system that is automated for motion as well as pressure. You want a system that will understand the difference between your pet and a prowler. It’s also good to go with a video system so that, if a sensor does get tripped, you’ll get an alert on your smart phone that will allow you to actually see what is happening so you can decide whether or not to call the authorities. This is particularly helpful, believe it or not, for when you are at home and the system thinks someone is breaking in. It keeps you from investigating personally and potentially running afoul of an intruder.

Your Stuff
Keep your valuables locked up and not out in the open. You can get a small safe to keep in an out of the way area and keep any truly valuable jewelry in there. This safe should be fireproof and, in addition to jewelry and other possessions is where you want to keep your wallets, large amounts of cash and copies of important legal documents (like your social security cards, etc).
It’s also a good idea to keep important valuables outside of your home. Obtain a safety deposit box and use it for those things that you do not feel safe keeping in your home as well as your important legal documents and other paperwork that you need to keep safe.
Don’t forget about the cloud! Scan in and store copies of that important documentation on a cloud server. This way, if something happens and you aren’t able to access the documents in your safe or at the bank, you can still get access to them through any computer or smart phone. Make sure all of your insurance policies are scanned in here as well!
Keeping yourself, your family and your stuff safe is largely a matter of common sense and playing it conservatively. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

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