How to Maintain Healthy Skin After Leaving the Facialist

When you’re feeling a little stuck in your beauty routine, or winter dry skin has you breaking out, there’s nothing better to do than to get a facial. In addition to helping your skin, it can be a welcome retreat away from kids and life to refresh and rejuvenate your spirit as well. Not everyone can afford to visit a facialist on a regular basis -- even with online deal sites, regular visits can get expensive, especially with the good but costly products facialists usually recommend. There are a few things you can integrate into your skin-care routine to help support and maintain the positive effects of a facial.

Ask Your Facialist’s Advice
If you’re living on a tight budget or simply can’t justify the cost of expensive skin care products, explain that to your facialist and find out if there are any natural alternatives you can use to care for your skin. Depending on your skin type, natural substances such as coconut oil or honey masks may help hydrate and clear your skin. If your facialist is unable to help you, visit a dermatologist, or simply do you’ll research. You’ll want to have a good knowledge of your skin type before doing so, so you can treat the right things.

Pycnogenol capsules are a natural substance loaded with antioxidants. They help protect and maintain collagen, which helps you maintain healthy, youthful looking skin. You can find them online and take them with your morning vitamins. Eat healthy foods to aid in the absorption of vitamins and supplements. Be sure you drink a big glass of water with your vitamins every morning. The consumption of water will also help consistently refresh your skin. 

Weekly Masks
Weekly masks can help refresh your skin, clear up scarring, diminish the size of your pores, and moisturize. You can buy a specific mask from your favorite makeup brand or skin-care line, or you can find several recipes to make your own online from household ingredients. Develop rituals for skin-care on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Taking time for you will also help you spiritually. When you use a mask, consider resting with it on your face in a soothing environment, even if it’s just for fifteen minutes. Beauty rituals can restore the soul as well as the skin.
-contributor: Sierra Paige One

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