Guidecraft Community Buildings - Review

These Community Buildings from Guidecraft are a fabulous starting point for an entire preschool theme unit. Made of sturdy plywood and colorfully painted, the six buildings are built for open-ended role playing, block play, car play, and so much more.
There is a Service Station, a Hospital, a School, a Fire Station, a Store, and a Police Station. Each building is made with two open sides so the buildings can be placed right over car tracks or even an inclining board for fast drive-through fun.
For our theme unit using the Community Buildings, we'll be exploring each type of building, who works in that building, what vehicles are related to that building, and maybe even take a field trip to some of them in our own neighborhood.
I chose a manipulatives play table to display all six buildings so the children can become accustomed to them and use them for free play time. Each day, I'll be adding different props to the table like cars, trucks, roadway pieces, play people, wood blocks, street signs and even little trees and bushes. By adding additional pieces, the children can extend their play each day.
Today, they wanted to use the "race cars." They visited the service station to fill up their gas tanks, dropped off their kids at the school, their wives at the store, then got into multiple race car crashes which required visits from police and firefighters, plus a trip to the hospital. It was quite entertaining!
You can purchase the Community Buildings and lots of other fun educational toys at www.guidecraft.com. My fellow Guidecraft educators are hosting reviews of these products at their links below and be sure to visit Huppie Mama to enter the giveaway to win these great toys!
Disclosure: I received these products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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