Five Tips for Fighting Blogger Writer's Block

Being a blogger is one of the most creative jobs I've ever done. Sometimes I get writer's block so I have to mull over a post for a day or two before I can actually begin writing. With the explosion of blogs across the internet, I'm sure I'm not the only one who struggles with this once in a while. Here are five tips that help me break through my creativity block. I hope they are helpful to you too!
  1. Take more photos. It's often said a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes when I sit down to edit my photos and write my post, I have a hard time coming up with a hundred words. I've discovered that by taking more photos, it inspires me to see things from another perspective. There have even been times I've deleted the first set of photos on purpose, just to retake them.
  2. Read or watch the news with a notebook. Take notes as you watch your local news. There are many stories right in your hometown. Write down your first reactions to things you hear and see. When watching national or international news, if you find yourself yelling at the tv or sniffling about something wonderful that happened, those may be good post prompts for you.
  3. Eavesdrop on conversations when you're running errands. If you hear something shocking, funny, or adorable, send yourself a text message that will remind you later what happened. Then when you sit down to write, you'll already have something interesting to write about.
  4. Let nature inspire you. Go for a walk, clear your head, listen to the nature sounds around your neighborhood. Take your camera with you and take photos of things you often see and things you seldom see. 
  5. Read what other bloggers are writing. Many times when I read a post by another blogger, it sparks a great idea for me. You can also try some of their recipes or do-it-yourself projects, taking your own photos and writing about how it turned out for you. Be sure to give credit back to the original blogger for the idea. 

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