CLR Bath and Kitchen Cleaner to the Rescue

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I hate to clean. I mean, I really hate to clean. Lucky for my family, I hate a dirty house worse. Cleaning the bathrooms and the kitchen are a constant chore in my house. I tease my family that if they'd stop eating I wouldn't have to keep cleaning the kitchen. Since I have two teenage boys living here someone is always cooking something else to eat. Their idea of cleaning up after themselves is much different than mine. The bathrooms are even worse, especially the boys' bathroom. Ugh, the stains, the dirt, the rust, the mildew - it's unbelieveable! I wondered if CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner would be able to tackle the chores around here, but it really helped to ease the pain of cleaning.
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It is fast-acting and powerful, and worked on all the toughest spots in my kitchen and bathrooms (even the boys' bathroom messes). CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner cleans quickly and effectively, making short work of stubborn dirt, calcium, lime, hard water stains, and soap scum. Those are all challenging cleaning problems here because the water in my town is very hard water. Even our water softener doesn't help much. I'm very happy that it has the Environmental Protection Agency's DfE (Design for the Environment) designation, because that means its safer chemistry is not harmful to everyone in my home. Try it out for yourself! You can also follow CLR on Twitter at @CLRCleaners.
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