All Kinds Of Great Children's Books by Sheri Safran - Review

If you have children, you're going to want these books in your house. As an early childhood teacher, these books are exactly the type of books that I look for when adding to my library corner in my classroom. Written by Sheri Safran, these books introduce children to a world outside of their little home. Each children's book is interactive, with flaps to lift and little discoveries to unfold. The books are appropriate for a wide range of ages!
All Kinds of Feelings show children the wide array of emotions they and others experience every day. By teaching them to recognize and consider their actions and reactions, this book meets the social and emotional needs of children.
All Kinds of Festivals explores the many celebrations around the world and teaches them about cultures different from their own. Exposure to cultural diversity is very important so that children learn to accept and relate to others.
All Kinds of People is a great book that explores and celebrates the uniqueness of every individual person, their shape, their size, their hair, even their favorite hobbies. Knowing each person is a special person in their own way helps children learn acceptance.
All Kinds of Fears helps children learn to recognize, confront and overcome their fears in a lighthearted way. From scary spiders to fears of storms, this book is a great way to explore the things that many people fear.
All Kinds of Beliefs shares the religions and cultures of the world with children in a way that teaches them inclusion and acceptance. I really love the author's approach to all these subjects that can sometimes stump parents and teachers when children inquire about them. The illustrators of the books did a wonderful job capturing the emotions of the book characters in a way that draws children into the story. You can purchase any or all of these books through the publisher at www.insighteditions.com or just click on the Amazon links below!
Disclosure: I received these books at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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