Simplifying my Life and my Home

Part of getting ready to move is selling off excess furniture that we've accumulated over the years. It's amazing how much we've amassed over the years. Not like we're candidates for Hoarders or anything, but yeah we have to get rid of lots of stuff before we move.
In the past couple weeks, I've sold or given away...large playground toys, small playground toys, playground pea gravel, ten railroad ties that surrounded the playground pea gravel, a home gym machine, an exercise bike, patio furniture, pool furniture, and an entire room of daycare furniture. The other day in the kitchen my husband wondered where was the basket usually kept on the counter and asked did I sell it already? I had to laugh. Nope, just off the counter for now. Honestly, it feels SO GOOD to simplify throughout the house. I can hardly wait to clear out closets!

The rooms are really big in this home and we'll probably sell it faster if we have less clutter. Besides we'll be downsizing into a much smaller home for our empty nest home. Our goal is to list March 1, so we've got an entire month to make the improvements, changes, and repairs that need to be done. I'll be doing an entire blog series on the preparation of the house to sell, so stay tuned!


  1. us too we have bought a modular home for when we aren't on the road :) it is a great feeling to get rid of all the stuff :)

  2. Hubz and I have just moved into our small home. I like the idea of calling it our "empty nest home."It does feel good to downsize and declutter, and I did get rid of lots of stuff. Because our new home is much smaller, I will be able to upgrade a good bit for my kitchen and bathroom remodels--small but super nice. I hope you'll post as you go along with the changes :)

  3. How exciting that you are making all of these changes and getting ready to move into the next phase of your life together! I can't wait to see the series!


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