Sibu Seven Omega 7 Chocolates - Review

There are few more beautiful words than "Chocolate is good for you!" Sibu took it a step further and loaded up chocolate with 250 mg of organic sea buckthorn fruit oil. Wait! Okay, it sounds sort of strange and I bet you're wondering if you'll have to sacrifice taste for goodness. Sibu Seven Omega 7 Chocolates are a delectable, delicious, dreamy experience!
Each box contains both Orange Milk Chocolate and Peppermint Dark Chocolate truffle squares. Each one is individually wrapped to ensure perfect taste. Both flavors are absolutely incredible and everyone in my family loved them.
The benefits of sea buckthorn fruit oil include nutritional support for skin, hair and nails, plus early studies show it may help to lower LDL cholesterol and support gastro-intestinal and cardiovascular functions. This Valentine's Day you can give a delicious and healthy box of Sibu Seven Omega 7 Chocolates to someone you love! Visit sibubeauty.com for more information.

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  1. I see/hear the word chocolate and I feel like the fish off of Spongebob that chases them through town yelling "choco-late!" Haha!


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