Save on Valentine's Day Flowers

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, making that special someone happy might require a little more than just love. Unfortunately, pampering her (or him) will cost money. The most basic form of expression on this day is a bouquet of beautiful flowers.
Here are some guidelines to help you budget your flower bouquet on Valentine's Day:

Promotions on Flowers
On occasions like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s day, you will find ample promotions to save on flowers. These special deals can be found online, or in stores that specialize in flowers. Search the internet to find the best flowers in the most fitting price; you may compare prices online as well. Stores that put together more expensive flower bouquets also offer bargains on; it won’t harm to check with them as well.

Choose Bigger Flowers
Your significant other won’t complain if you don’t get her a large bouquet of anemones. Go for bigger flowers in loud, blooming colors. This way, you will not have to spend on a large number of flowers, and maybe five or six pieces will do. These flowers might be cheaper than the conventional roses or gladioli as well.
Opt for quality rather than quantity. A smaller bunch of exotic flowers will always be better than a large bunch of shabby ones. Choose flowers that will impress your mom, and show her that you care.

Ditch the Red Roses
You can get away with another color of roses. The dusty pink, yellow, and white roses are equally appealing. Red roses are usually more expensive than the rest, mainly because they are always in demand. Yellow roses are also a great choice; the yellow color will be refreshing on a sunny day, and she will love the liveliness of the bouquet.

Deliver the Flowers Yourself
It is your a special day, and it won’t harm you to go all the way to give her the flowers. You’ll also save money on the delivery charges, and show a loving gesture as well! Dropping in yourself will personalize your greeting.

Be Creative!
A little creativity can go a long way. If you are into gardening, or know someone who can lend you their garden, pick flowers and improvise your own little bouquet. Trim the edges neatly, sprinkle with water and arrange into a neat bunch. Keep the flowers refrigerated till the D-day.

Make the flowers more special by adding an element of surprise. Drop in at your her place without informing, or leave her presents on the kitchen counter to pleasantly astonish her. The most important facet of any gift is love, so make sure your day presents speak your feelings!
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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips. Must share this to my husband. ;)

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