Organized Chaos is a Good Description

For a few weeks now, I've been working on organizing my daycare stuff. I closed one of the daycare rooms and am bagging up toys for an indoor sale, by appointment only. At least, that's what I keep telling everyone. It seems to me though that I just keep moving stuff around the little room, from basket to bag to box, from one side of the room to the other.
Every time I move something else around the room, I have to clean again because I'm just raising more dust and even discovering a stray dead bug or two. Miele Vacuum cleaners and my dusters are certainly coming in handy as I work my way through all this stuff. I can hardly believe how many toys and educational materials I've collected over the years!
I asked my husband to take down the upper shelves in the room so I can stack toys down low and create my little educational toy shop. There is so much here to go through that it will probably take me months. I've filled at least four huge boxes with toys that I'm planning on selling and donating.
Organized chaos is a good description of the front room right now. My goal is to whittle it down over the next few months, making sure the kids get to play with everything a few more times, then turn the front room into a living room, since that's what it is supposed to be. My retirement from daycare is scheduled for May 31st, so I've got time but it's a challenge finding the motivation. Stay tuned for updates to my mess!


  1. You sound like you are actually under control--even though you think it is still chaos--You do still need to keep some of the toys out for the kids until you close your daycare for good. Boxes are good--and for the boxes where nothing will be taken out--start part of the private auction now-or bring the stuff you want to donate right away--it might make you feel better!!

    1. The fun part is, each Monday, I'm rotating every toy in the daycare room with something in the "sale room" so the kids have the opportunity to gain the skills from every toy before it is sold. They are loving it!

  2. Organzedcheoas is good description. Useful post

  3. You have shown some organized chaos in then article. It is wonderful and great to see it


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