New Hobbies for the New Year

This year will present you with tons of new opportunities if you let it. You will have the chance to strengthen your mind, slim down your body and grow together as a family. This starts with getting creative at your resolutions. Find creative ways to cultivate new hobbies this year. The key to success is finding ways to make your goals reachable, and making creative ways to reach them. With a bit of effort, you can accomplish everything you want in 2013.
Start a Family Band
Many people resolve to spend more time as a family. Start something fun like a family band in an effort to spend more time together. If everyone is musical (or wants to learn an instrument), this can be a great way to get involved together. You can each take lessons on your prospective instruments, then come together once a week to show the family what you’ve learned. Places like www.californiamusicstudios.com offer private lessons in a studio or at home. Something like this can be a great way to kick off your family band.

Make a Weight Loss Challenge
If you know a group of people that want or need to lose weight this year, start your very own weight loss challenge. Make groups of two. Pair the people by similar weight goals. For example, if you want to lose 30lbs, find someone else that wants to lose that same amount. Then, race to the finish. Set the regulations, decide on a reward for the winner and get to losing weight.

Learn a New, Foreign Word Everyday
Wanting to learn a foreign language is an admirable task. However, it can seem overwhelming to many people. After all, you’ve spent decades learning your native language. Instead of making it into some big thing that you need to do in a year, try breaking it into smaller tasks. Commit a new word to memory everyday. By the end of the year, you will recognize 365 words in that language. That’s a big step in your language studies!

New Year’s Resolutions seem daunting and unreachable. However, creating innovating ways to be successful will bring your closer to your goal everyday. Remember, be realistic. Then, break those realistic chunks into measurable goals. For example, losing 100lbs this year may seem impossible, but all it would take is losing 2 pounds a week. Put things into perspective and amaze yourself by accomplishing your resolutions this year.

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