How to Organize a Garage

The garage is HIS domain. However, I have this over-organizational gene in my DNA so anything out of place makes me anxious. Yes, even in his garage. I discovered one of the best ways to get my wonderful husband to organize his garage goodies was to help him, also known as supervising. He came up with the great idea to hang some of his otc tools on pegboard on one wall, so off we went to the nearest hardware store. Shopping is something I'm good at doing. He's got a nice big toolbox, but not everything fits in it.
We (and by we, I mean he) hung big hooks and a rack on the wall for the yard tools and stuff with long handles. He even attached one of those nail and screw drawer organizers on the wall, because he can't bear to throw anything away. He might need it someday. The little cubby hole in the wall is actually under the stairs that are in our house, so it's the perfect spot for the sawhorses and shorter wood scraps (that he'll need someday).
Best of all is the wood shelving system he built along one whole side of the garage. It seems like it took forever (I'm sure it was only a few months) but it's worked out great for everything else that ends up in the garage. I was thrilled when he decided to paint it all white, although it didn't take long to not be so white anymore. If it was my garage, there would be lots of boxes with labels on the front of each one, but I'm just happy all his stuff is off the floor. Well, most of it is anyway.

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