How Much Is Your Food Truck Worth?

Food trucks used to be rare but now they are all the rage. There are lots of reasons for the popularity of food trucks: affordable food in convenient locations for consumers and low overhead but the potential for phenomenal profits for the food cart owner. If you’ve been thinking about opening your own food truck, here are some of the things you need to think about.

Food Storage

Proper food storage is tricky even when you have a huge refrigeration system and kitchen at your disposal. In a food truck, it becomes even more challenging. Not only are you dealing with extremely limited space, your refrigeration units are much closer to your cooking set up than is ideal (most restaurants have lots of space and insulation between these two spaces). Unless you’ve got extensive experience with refrigeration units, you need to work with a professional (like those at ReccoUSA.com) to make sure that all of your bases are covered.

Space Issues

Space is incredibly limited in a food truck. In addition to your refrigeration unit, unless your truck only offers raw foods, you need to have appliances for cooking in there too. This is usually limited to a stove, a deep fryer and a toaster oven (though some do attempt to install actual ovens). If it were a kitchen you could use “efficiency models” for these appliances but you need to be able to serve lots of customers at once, so you need to have industrial strength at your fingertips. A clearance sale counter top deep fryer won’t get it done.

In addition to that, you’ll need a safe and clean space in which to store the food that doesn’t need refrigeration but does need to be kept away from the stoves and fryers but still within easy reach for quick food prep. It might be helpful to work with a consultant who specializes in efficiency and small spaces to help you plan your space to be usable as well as compact.


Some food trucks go with a cash only system because they don’t have the space for credit card machines and receipt printers. Thanks to mobile payment systems, though, now you can easy take credit card payments through systems like Square, PayPal and Intuit. You can also become a Dwolla merchant and allow people to pay straight from their checking accounts. Space isn’t an issue here because mobile payment systems are set up to work with smart phones and iPads and will text or email the customer the receipt. Being able to take as many forms of payment as possible will help you expand your customer base and make even more money.

Running your own food truck can be really exciting and profitable. Before you can hope to succeed, though, you need to make sure you’re set up to serve as many people as safely and as effectively as possible. These tips will help you do that.
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  1. Having food cart is more convenient and can save you a lot of money. If I am going to have a business, I would prefer having a food cart than renting a space which could be quite expensive.


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