Finding a House Painter

When I was growing up, any time we needed to hire someone, we just opened the Yellow Pages book to find someone. Things aren't so easy any more. Across the internet, there are thousands of directory sites to sift through and it's quite a job just to find a house painter. I'm sure I'll have the same challenge when it comes time to hire a carpet cleaner.
My initial search turned up a few local painters with positive reviews, so I contacted them through email to see if they would be interested in offering me a free quote for the job of painting my entire interior. I heard back from one immediately, who was willing to drop by that very afternoon. The second painter replied with a few questions about the job, which then prompted him to turn down the job because he works alone and he felt it was too big a house for him to paint. The third painter arranged to come by the next day.

We've now visited with two painters, both of which seem to be very experienced and educated. They have walked through the house, written down their notes, and promised to send a quote by email sometime this week. Once I have those two quotes, we will have a better idea of what kind of cost we're looking at for this task. If it's too ridiculously expensive, we may end up deciding to do it ourselves again, although I really don't want to do it and I'm pretty sure my husband doesn't want to do it either. 

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  1. Yeah I kinda miss the days of the yellow pages. Although I love reading ratings on the internet :) We're looking for a painter in Kansas City, MO and we're just waiting to get some people out to give us some quotes! Good luck with your paint job!


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