Considering Opening a Home Daycare?

After 25 years in the childcare business, I often meet moms who ask me - "How easy it is to start your own home daycare?" It's pretty easy to start, but actually running a home daycare is quite a challenge and is not for the faint of heart. If you can answer YES to all the questions below, then....well, let's just see how you do...
  1. Would you be okay with changing a really gross poopy diaper (that isn't your own child's) ten times during the day?
  2. Can you tune out (while still paying attention) to the sound of 100 children talking all at the same time? NOTE: You will never be asked to care for that many at once, but some days it certainly sound like there are that many children.
  3. Will you lovingly and thoughtfully discipline the child that isn't yours, without prejudice, that just smacked your own child over the head with a wooden toy hammer?
  4. Can you recognize and take care of all the emotional needs of a child that isn't yours? Can you do this six times over? Ten times over? Twelve times over?
  5. Are you able to prepare all the following for at least six kids every single day:
    1. a theme with a focused lesson
    2. a arts/craft project and/or a science project
    3. two snacks and a lunch on a written menu
    4. a back-up plan for any situation
  6. Can you smile genuinely and greet every parent and every child, every day, at drop-off and pick-up for four years?
  7. Would it be okay with you to have to wrestle at least six children into a coat,  a hat, and a pair of mittens (or even five-finger gloves) every day for four months straight? 
  8. Are you able to cheerfully and successfully (without puking) clean up another person's vomit or exploded diaper that landed on the carpeting in your home?
  9. Can you control your temper when you exit the bathroom and discover one child coloring on everything you own with a red crayon, another child standing on the table, while another child throws blocks across the room?
  10. Do you love working with children and making a real difference in the world?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, than you're probably already a home daycare provider. If you're considering opening a home daycare, the first place to start is to check with your state's childcare licensing office to see the minimum requirements. There is always a need for quality childcare!


  1. A big one for me has always been the germs, snot and sickness. I have watched friends children on occasion and they always brought over some new cold for my own children.

    1. I read somewhere once that childcare is the "germiest job in America."


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