Perky-Pet Design a Seed Feeder - Review

In the colder weather, birds often have a harder time finding food. I try to keep my seed feeders full so they come around. This time of year, I often see cardinals visiting my feeders. The Perky-Pet website has just introduced their new Design a Seed Feeder program and it took me just minutes to make a unique bird feeder for the birds who visit me. I got to choose the size of the feeder tube as well as the color of the cap, base, ports and tray. A few days later, it arrived in the mail completely assembled and ready to hang!
I love the antique copper look! The tube is made from plastic, so no worries about breakage. I especially like the long hanger attached to the tube, because that makes it easy to hang on a hook or a tree branch.
All of the design pieces are securely attached and each little feeding port even has a perch bar so the birds can relax for their meals. The lid is attached to the hanger and simply lifts off and over to the side so it's easy to fill with seed.
Since we've been stringing popcorn and cranberries for garland, I decided to treat the birds as well. I layered the popcorn and cranberry in the bird feeder so it would be appropriately festive for them. The kids helped me fill the new feeder (and snack on popcorn themselves).
I hung the Perky-Pet Seed Feeder on an existing hook on the arbor, where we can watch the birds while we're out in the backyard. The kids' excitement must have scared the birds away, but I noticed later in the day that it was already half empty so I think the bird approve!
Go design your own Seed Feeder at www.perkypet.com and see how easy it is! 

Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Is it difficult for the birds to get popcorn out of this opening?

    1. Apparently they found it quite simple because when I checked it again, all the popcorn was gone. There were only a few cranberries left in the bottom.

  2. I am totally sure the birds enjoyed their feast!! Wish I could put up a bird feeder however it is not to be--I live in an apartment.

  3. very nice! That is what we need we have a pesky squirrel that eats all our bird seed!

  4. What a cute idea! Love that you can custom-design it to fit your decor. We have a bunch of annoying chipmunks that swipe our neighbor's birdseed...they get pretty crafty!


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